Exploring Our Logo: The Symbolism and Story

Welcome to our company blog! You may rarely ponder upon the logo of a company as anything more than a smart piece of graphical representation. But, the symbolism and stories hidden behind them, allegorically speaking, can express a company’s ethos, vision, and mission, all at a glance. Today, we’re taking a deep dive into the symbolic essence of our company logo and revealing the story behind its inception.

Our company logo – a beloved Panda, is more than just an adorable mascot. The Panda embodies our brand’s spirit, vision, and values, subtly communicating our company’s philosophical blueprint. Every aspect of it has been meticulously designed for communicating the message we want to deliver.

The Black and White Symmetry

The dynamic use of black and white in our logo speaks of balance and harmony, a crucial element in our business operations. The pairing is symbolic of the Indian philosophical concept of ‘Samyavastha’, which is regularly highlighted in Indian scriptures like the Bhagavad Gita referring to a state of equilibrium and neutrality that one should adopt in life.

Just as Lord Krishna advises Arjuna to maintain a composed mind, whether in loss or gain, joy or sorrow, to reach a state of perfect equilibrium, our company too, firmly believes in upholding a balanced approach in our operations, decision-making, and relationships.

The Friendly Face

The friendly, approachable face of the panda signifies our commitment to being an approachable, customer-centric brand. We believe in creating and maintaining strong relationships with clients and customers underscored by reliability, friendliness, and trust.

Endangered but Strong

Pandas, despite being an endangered species, are resilient and powerful. This reinforces our company’s ability to stand strong in the face of adversity while striving towards continuous growth and sustainability, both as a business entity and an environment-conscious organization.

Eyes on the Future

The attentive gaze of the Panda positioned in forward direction in our logo symbolizes our forward-thinking approach and commitment to innovation. We are always on the lookout for fresh perspectives, original ideas, and inventive solutions that can pave the way for a brighter, more successful future for both our clients and our workforce.

The Story Behind the Panda

Now, let’s venture out of the jungle of symbolism and tread the plains of our brand history. The process of selecting a Panda as our logo was both a spontaneous decision inspired by its charm and a conscious choice fueled by its deep-seated symbolism. The idea emerged in a brainstorming session, with our then-nascent team wanting a symbol that was friendly, balanced, resilient, and unique – just like us.

The Panda ticks all these boxes, and it didn’t hurt that it was universally cherished! It was a unanimous decision, as the Panda harmoniously reflected everything that our brand aspired to be and every value we wanted to embrace. It was, as we love to say, a classic case of love at first ‘sight’.

The Panda is more than just our logo. It’s a daily reminder of who we are as a company and what we aim to be – balanced yet dynamic, friendly yet determined, unique yet universally loved. So, the next time you see our logo, we hope you’ll remember the story, symbolism, and savviness that our little Panda stands for. Here’s to making a mark — one panda paw print at a time!